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Broward Pavers installs an extensive range architectural and ornamental products, segmental retaining walls, and brick pavers. By blending shapes, textures and colors we can transform your home into the personal getaways, or private sanctuary that you’ve always dreamed of.

We specialize in all phases of brick paving, travertine and limestone design, along with installation of any residential or commercial exterior application.

Broward Pavers is at the forefront of the paving stone installation industry. We love what we do for our customers, and constantly strive for excellence. All of our work is backed by warranty, from the ground up.


Here is an overview of our extensive range of paver installation and paver repair services:

  • Installation of brick pavers, concrete pavers and stone pavers with options to choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors.
  • Installing pavers in areas like driveways, patios and pool decks.
  • Comprehensive paver repair services like sunken pavers repair, thin pavers repair, brick pavers repair and pavers repair for driveways and swimming pools.
  • We patch and repair patios and take care of any repair work for swimming pool and stone walks.

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