Hardscape is an important aspect of the overall landscape design of the outdoor area. Hardscape, in the forms of patios, walkways and paths, holds together various elements like outdoor gardens and house. Hence, it is crucial that the hardscape design be planned in a way that it perfectly complements the dwelling and softscape.

Hardscape is what provides the sense of contrast and completion to the soft elements of garden area. However, hardscapes go on to be more than just an addition for aesthetic value. Hardscapes have various practical uses as well. For example, hardscapes in gardens protect the latter from excessive foot traffic. Hardscapes are a great way to create room for seating and entertainment in the patio area. Driveways and walkways provide clear, distinct areas for walking and driving. Pergolas add extra appeal and elegance to the exterior of home. The various architectural elements of hardscape all work towards beautifying the house on the outside while still being completely utilitarian.

There are various materials that can be used to construct the hardscape. Paving stones are a popular choice for the look of luxury and sophistication. These are robust to the harsh and rough conditions ensuring that the hardscape remains in good shape for a long time. Paving stones are available in variety of colors, shapes and sizes to accommodate the need for creating different looks. To give a formal look to a patio, geometric blocks that are cut to precision can be used. Or for country-garden paths, irregular flagstones can be used for a rustic look.

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